Monday, June 27, 2011

Visual presentations made by textile designers

The types of visual presentation of their work that textile designers find themselves making are for a variety of purposes:

Mood/theme boards
These boards are collections of ideas around a mood or theme.  The ideas may come from magazines, postcards, color swatches, yarn or fabric pieces.  Presentation of mood boards should be simple and suitable; the style of presentation should reflect the mood.  A sporty mood board will be presented differently from a mood board reflecting luxury and wealth.

Initial design ideas
It is often appropriate that designers themselves present their initial design ideas to a customer or client.  This will allow the client to feel that they have some input and also should prevent unsuitable work being done.  The client may be in-house or external.  An external presentation may be more formal than an in-house presentation, but the presentation should in both cases be appropriate and show the ideas to their best advantage.

Finished design work as the solution to a design problem
Finished design work is presented to show the design solution to the brief.  It will often show the development of ideas through to the final design work.

Work to show capabilities and potential
Designers will build up a portfolio of art/design work to show what they are capable of Art/design work should show a variety, a selection of the best work showing how ideas are worked through. It should be neat and tidy, and presented in a coherent manner.  It should be easy to look at.  When making decisions about what should be included in a portfolio, it is necessary to consider who will be looking at the portfolio – how much time will they have?  What will they expect to see? etc.


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