Monday, June 27, 2011

Publicity promotion packaging

If a range is to sell well, it must be presented in a simple and understandable way to the non-designer. Publicity can contain photographs of furnishing products in room settings, emphasizing the importance of colour co-ordination and pattern co-ordination. It can be seen how the range is related to other products in the same room area.
Publicity for fashion garments will show how the garments in the range can be used with other garments.
If the range has name or theme this can be emphasized, for example through publicity with a distinctive logo. A logo can be used on packing and on any labels. If the product is not fully visible when packaged, then a photograph will be needed. This technique is often used for duvet packaging; the folded duvet will be packaged with a photograph of the duvet in situ, allowing an appreciation of the full design. Such photographs may well also be used for in-store displays. If the product is targeted as a gift then the packaging should be especially attractive. Soap may be sold with a towel. Products sold in a basket mean that the packaging becomes a product in its own right.


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