Monday, June 27, 2011

Presentation of initial design ideas

At various stages of the design process, designers are often called upon to present their ideas to their colleagues, managers and directors.  Designers have to look the part, they must present a ‘designerly’ air and should show themselves as being organized and capable.  The best presentation are simple and to the point; this is as true of visual presentation as of written and oral presentations.

3.5.2      Presentation of design and artwork
Designers are visual people.  Their work will often need little verbal explanation, clearly communicating the intention by virtue of visual impact.  The way such work is presented is very important because good presentation can show a design solution to advantage while poor presentation can hide and distract from good design.  Presentation is itself an exercise in design.
                Good presentation should be suitable and professional.  It should be suitable in that the presentation style and techniques should show whatever is being shown (be it fabrics, yarns, artwork or drawings) to its best advantage; it should look as good as it possibly can.  All presentations should be professional in that they should look neat and tidy, deliberate, considered, well designed, appropriate, consistent, related and reflect the work presented.  Poor presentation is chaotic, messy, dirty, disorganized and inappropriate.


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