Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting information from other organizations

There are many occasions when designers need to find out information from other organizations.  Sometimes, the information sought may have to be bought; sometimes it may be free – part of a marketing strategy on behalf of the supplier.  However, whether visiting a new supplier to source yarn or buttons, or telephoning to check prices of fabrics, it is important that designers know exactly what they want so as not to waste time.  Before any visit, the information required should be clearly identified.  It is essential for any designer to be prepared, and establishing a checklist of questions that need to be answered is a good way of making sure that all relevant information is obtained.

                When seeking information about market areas and products, it would be usual to employ professional market researchers.  However, sometimes designers may prefer to carry out some market research themselves.  In either case, well-constructed questionnaires can be very useful, and when market research is being carried out by professionals the designer’s input should not be overlooked.


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