Saturday, June 25, 2011

Information search in Reserch

To ensure that the required information is found and time is not wasted, the collection of information should be systematic.  The aim should be to find key information.  Identify what is not known.  As far as possible, vague requests for ‘information on’ some problem area should be broken down into questions defining what it is that is not known and what needs to be found out.  The question that need to be answered should be identified and listed.  The level of answer required should be established (there is a balance between the importance of what is being looked for and the time and effort spent looking) and a checklist of likely sources of reliable answers to question can be prepared.  It is sensible to keep control over any search for information by setting limits and deadlines and by using expert opinions and expert literature searchers to identify the most promising sources.  It is important to stop as soon as there is enough information to mover forward and it is essential to keep accurate references.


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