Saturday, March 19, 2011

Handara Jeans

Handara has existed since the mid-90s, working initially in the sportswear segment. Keeping up with market changes, in the late afternoon, Handara redefine its focus, starting to act in jeanswear segment, specializing in pants and the like. In order to fulfill the dream shapely female body with maximum comfort, Handara develops modeling jeans with perfect and flawless finish using high quality fabrics, lighter and with different constructions, the prominence and twisted ring effects.

All parts go through several processes of different washes giving a touch and a unique look. All this to meet the needs of a modern woman, independent and demanding.

The Handara is a company that works through partnerships with fashion retailers throughout Brazil.

Wherever you are you can find a dealer Handara. Today we have 53 stores hander in 15 states with plans to further expand our reach.

This is what Hand is constantly searching for its Resellers and Dealers - The Professional Conduct, by selling their fashion collections. Our family never stops growing and success stories are always coming.

Come and experience the taste of professional success by reselling products Handara


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