Saturday, June 25, 2011

Range development in Textile Designing

So how does the design manager go about putting a new range together?  Once a basic colour palette has been decided, this will help the ideas being developed to work together as a total package.  Colour co-ordination does not mean that every design has to be in exactly the same colourways, but colours should be related.

                New fashion colours should be looked at alongside any existing palette to make sure that these work as part of the range.  Decisions have to be made as to whether best selling designs from a previous range are going to be carried on.  If  a design was well received and is still selling well, it makes commercial sense to carry it on. It is hard to argue with sales figures.  When continuing a design through to the next season, it must be decided whether to change the colourways to bring it in line with the new season’s colours or whether to continue the design in the existing colourways and add some new colourways.  Re-colouring can add to the sales of a proven design.


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