Monday, June 27, 2011

Presentation to customers

This is when the designer shows the finished range of products.  The presentation may be to selectors from a major high street store group, or it may be to customers from within the designer’s own company or group of companies.  The designs may be either the work of the designer doing the presentation or the result of several designers and others, such as technicians and sales personnel, who have all had an input.  Design is very much a team activity with the designer co-ordinating the design development, whether this is for one fabric or a range of fabrics.

                Designs have to fit into a customer’s market area so designers need to be familiar with their customer’s current ranges.  They have to try to identify gaps in product and colour ranges and their ultimate design work should be to fill these gaps.
                Designers need to try to identify new directions for their customers.  It is important that new ranges lead the way rather than follow so that customers come back for new ideas.  Storyboards are frequently used to illustrate points in such presentations.  Feedback from the customer on designs and directions should be encouraged to ensure that the customer is involved and has a degree of ownership, and that the brief is answered.  This also helps establish good working relationships.


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