Saturday, June 25, 2011

The planning process in Textile Designing

Planning can be described as managing and controlling events to achieve a goal and making the best use of resources.
                Planning is achieved by making decisions about what is to be achieved (aims) and how best to get there (who does what, when and how).  While planning takes a little time, lack of planning can result in the waste of a lot of time, the expenditure of much money and the generation of considerable stress and tension.

                A plan gives what could be described as a set of route markers that allow checks to be made as work is undertaken to achieve the goals.  Regular checking of current position against plan identifies any deviations from course which can then be remedied.  The more detailed the plan, the more route markers there will be.  A plan helps in the controlling of events rather than events determining direction.  Very few jobs go exactly according to plan, but if there is no plan there is no way to keep control and track progress.


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