Friday, March 18, 2011

CEZOMA Yarn Winding Machine

Model Number: C1487
Fully automatic winder with 4 spindles for pré wound bobbins for sewing thread, embroidery yarn and dental floss, with cross wind and fixed traverse length to wind straight edges to the yarn packages.

- 4 Winding spindles
- Automatic change-over (doffing)
- Precision wind
- Oiling device
- Supply creel for 1 end/spindle
- Electronic counter for yarn length
- Thread-breakage stop motion
- Production counter
- Diagnostic centre (problem shooter)
- Safety controller
- Service controller for maintenance
- Motor 3 phase 0,75 kW
- Air consumption (6 bar) 5 litre/stroke uncompressed

- Electronic thread breakage detection
- Tailtucking device
- External electronic length counter
- External mechanical length counter
- Heating for oiling device
- To tail 2 cones per winding spindle for continuous feeding
- Separate supply creel for large supplies
- Knot catchers
- Etc., etc., .. indicate your wishes

            - Machine weight
            - net 300 kg
- gross 445 kg
Machine dimensions
            - l/w/h 135x140x160 cm
Crate dimensions
                        - l/w/h 153x148x172 cm

Unique 4 spindle system
All of our winding systems are based on our unique 4-spindle-system. CEZOMA's 4-spindle-system is a highly intelligent application of long-standing experience in winding. Many manufacturers may boast higher winding speeds, up to 12.000 rpm. However, although this may appear more efficient, such high speeds are not genuinely necessary. With this type of system, a single spool is used. Movement at this speed places an enormous strain on the yarn, and makes it greatly susceptible to breaking and difficult to paraffin/lubricate. CEZOMA's unique system allows each of 4 spindles to rotate up to 5.000 rpm. Thus, tension is equally distributed, limiting breakage risks and downtimes. In turn, this serves to increase both quality and volume of output in the long run.
Manual winder vs. CEZOMA's 4-spindle-system
Compared to the manual low speed winders an investment in CEZOMA winders will give a lower unit cost due to reduced labour costs. In addition, a better quality product because of an accurate lubricant application and a perfectly formed package due to precise tension control. The CEZOMA microprocessor controller with 22 preset programmes makes thread and length changes quick and accurate.

Single high-speed winder vs. CEZOMA's 4-spindle-system
Comparing the CEZOMA system to single spindle winders running at 1000 m/min. CEZOMA gives you the advantages of an automatic machine, and therefore low labour costs, but with minimal investment costs. The CEZOMA 4-spindle-system does not require a pre-winder or a separate lubrication process, so you are reducing your overall investment costs while giving faster lead times to your customers.

Manufacturer: CEZOMA Uniemach BV
Vollerstraat 29, 5402 LA Uden The Natherland
Tel: 31 0 413 271405 Fax: 31 0 413 255344


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