Friday, March 18, 2011

Arzoo Textile - Bed Sheets

Arzoo is striving hard to maintain a position in the international home textile market. Over the years, the Arzoo has responded to the varied demands of the export market. Today, the uncompromisingly high standards in style, fashion and quality control, use of modern production and packaging technology are proof of this determination to compete in the world market share of different segments in the growing sales of the company is given in the table below:

REGION         2006    2007    2008    AVG
Europe             12%     14%     14%     14%
Australia           17%     16%     14%     15%
S. America       15%     16%     13%     13%
N. America      54%     51%     53%     53%
MISC              2%       3%       5%       5%

Arzoo Textlile Mills Ltd.
Contact Info.
Jaranwala Road, Khurrianwala, Faisalabad, Pakistan    
Ph: (+9241) 4361250 (+9241) 4361251
(+9241) 4362693 (+9241) 4362694
Fax: (+9241) 4362677 (+9241) 4361476

Name   Phone   Mobile E-mail
Mr. Azhar Majeed Shaikh (+9241) 4360444    (+92300) 8661707
Mr. Arsal Majeed Shaikh (+9241) 4362678     (+92300) 8651651     
Mr. Afzal Majeed Shaikh (+9241) 4362679     (+92300) 8666566

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