Tuesday, March 8, 2011

QuiltCut 2 Fabric Cutting System

The QuiltCut 2 is similar to a drafting board, designed specifically for measuring & cutting fabric for quiltmaking. Stack multiple layers of fabric and cut dozens of precise strips, squares, triangles, diamonds, hexagons, (any straight-sided shape) in less time and with more accuracy than using any other cutting system or ruler. No expensive dies to buy and no limitations on the sizes or shapes you can cut. Use the QuiltCut2 as your work station for cutting fabric with any rotary cutter. It's easier on your hands because the Cutting Guide (ruler) is automatically "squared up" and stabilized. No more slipping rulers! One end of the Cutting Guide hooks onto the aluminum rails on the base. Move the Cutting Guide to your cutting position, hold it down with your free hand and it feels like someone is holding the other end of your ruler for you. If you use a rotary cutter and a ruler the QuiltCut2 will be very easy to learn. Quilters all across the country love the QuiltCut2.
Salient Features:
•The Cutting Guide (ruler), moves to any position on the cutting mat and locks in at many useful angles.
•The Clamp Bar secures large pieces of fabric - no more fabric sliding off the cutting table. Cut up to ten layers of fabric accurately.

•Stabilized Cutting Guide (ruler) will not shift or wander as you cut. Lift to move and hold down as your cut.
•The Speed Gauge ruler measures from 1/4" to 6-1/2" for accurate repeat cuts.
•The Speed Gauge turns with the Cutting Guide to measure at any angle. (for diamonds)
•The 26" x 18" cream colored Cutting Mat provides a neutral background for your creative decisions.
•Right or left-handed.

•Ideal for all quilt-makers regardless of experience, skill or hand strength. Traditional or contemporary.
•Comes ready-to-use - no assembly required.

The QuiltCut2 includes:
•The complete QuiltCut2 unit.
•Thorough, step-by-step, 40 page instruction booklet.
•26 minute Instructional DVD.
•18" x 26" 5-ply Cutting Mat (Rotary cutter not included)
•30 Day money back Guarantee

Manufacturer: Alto's EZ Mat, Inc.
703 N Wenas St Ellensburg WA 98926
TOLLFREE: 1-800-225-2497 TELEPHONE: 1-509-962-9212
FAX: 1-509-962-3127 EMAIL: info@quiltcut.com


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