Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easy Fashion Designing with C-Design Fashion

SynerGy Consulting has an entire range of solutions addressing the needs of an apparel designer

C-Design Fashion is an high-tech Illustrative, sketching and technical sheet producing software developed to enhance your design team churn out designs at accelerated speeds. Communicating design ideas across the organization was never so easy. It also includes special features for wash effects, embroidery, Print Design and Visual Merchandising.

C-Design Fashion is built in collaboration with Corel the graphics software giant based in Ottawa Canada. C-Design is being used by some of the most innovative retailers around the globe like Zara, Carnet de Vol, Massimo Dutti, Baby Dior, Oysho, Quelle, Soviet Jeans et

A complete range of tools and brushes is available to create innovative wash effects. Get a more realistic and detailed view of your artwork, washes, and all other special effects, including fabric designing for checks and stripes etc. It is a complete package for designers to express their creativity at the click of a button

Wash effects, prints and Embroidery
You can place and simulate all fabrics including knits and wovens inside your garments, add color, work on your range of color and shade variations, import your prints, embroideries, and visualize your product in a realistic manner. The multi-page structure of C-DESIGN Fashion® allows you to work on your whole collection in one file, and gives you access to the creation of catalogues and collection books.

Visual Merchandising
Define the organization of your stores with C-DESIGN Fashion®. All arrangements and products layouts can be simulated as soon as you have your designs. You can mix and match your designs to create new looks and combinations.

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