Monday, March 7, 2011

Old Dominion University: Undergraduate Fashion Program

The Fashion course is a 120-hour program designed to churn out students to enter the fashion industry to become buyers, fashion coordinators, and merchandise managers. The industry of Fashion Merchandising is sharp, thrilling and exciting with a diversified range of job opportunities. The global marketplace makes fashion an international concern.

Large number of students arrive at Old Dominion University with the ambition of becoming a businessmen in fashion industry. Fashion designing, consultancy, marketing, merchandising, product development many other sectors, which need specialized expertise for that particular field. Curriculum of Old Dominion University course is specific to the marketing of fashion and includes a solid base of fashion and marketing courses that are designed to prepare graduates to work in almost any aspect of fashion merchandising.

Classes begin at the freshman level with their basic general education courses in English, mathematics, science, social studies, communications, and computer literacy. They also begin to take basic courses about the fashion industry, personal selling, advertising, buying, and personnel management. As they enter their junior year they begin to take more advanced fashion and marketing courses.

During the summer between their junior and senior year, students must complete an fashion internship that gives them significant practical experience. Some students choose to study abroad in a summer or semester program at the American Intercontinental University in London, England.

Old Dominion Univ Fashion graduates have successfully transitioned from the classroom to the fashion industry. In addition to positions as buyers, they are employed as store managers, fashion coordinators, marketing coordinators, visual merchandisers, and fashion writers. Go to Fashion Jobs to locate information about fashion jobs.

During the summer, ODU arranges a one-week Fashion Academy for high school students interested in a fashion career. Students attend a series of workshops tailored from college-lvel fashion merchandising classes. Students get experience what it is like to be a college student and learn about the fashion industry. Information is available on the following web site: Fashion Academy

Sharon Davis, M.S.S.E. Lecturer

Mr. Mickey Kosloski, M.S. Senior Lecturer

Tiffany Machado, M.S. Lecturer Director, ODU Fashion Academy

Philip A. Reed, Ph.D. Associate Professor


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