Monday, March 7, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld Mens Wear Collection
Karl Lagerfeld really showing his efforts to minimize the gap between the luxurious and affordable fashion. That is why he is getting more and more popular specially for his unique dress designing for menswear.  But as fun as it is to watch the Kaiser run around playing supermodel’s best friend and head-diva at Fendi, it’d be cool with us if he scaled back on his side gigs. Not because we’re concerned for his health or anything, but because his work ethic puts us to shame. WWD reports that Lagerfeld recently shot a catalog for French mail-order giant 3 Suisses (which we’ve never heard of) featuring high-fashion model Iris Strubegger. For garments that cost between $18 and $121, the clothes — and the pictures — look almost as rich as one of Lagerfeld’s runway collections. Alas, the hand that guides Chanel didn’t actually touch any of the clothes. But he did tell WWD that he wants to start taking more forays into the mass market.

“My dream is to turn the whole house of Lagerfeld into this kind of [mass] business, because I am at the peak of luxury with Chanel and Fendi,” he told WWD. “Being at both ends of the market is the height of luxury.” And should there be any doubt about his commitment to lower-cost clothing, the catalog features a picture of Lagerfeld atop a sleek black washing machine. “It is so chic and pretty,” he said of the household appliance. “I would like to have one — not to wash clothes but to put in my dressing room to hold my dirty laundry.”
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