Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Automatic Hemming Machine for Sheets and Table Clothes

Barudan Fully Automatic Hemming Machine for Sheets and Tablecloths With Lockstich Sewing Head & Automatic Bobbin Charger
Model BEST-TC is the latest model  developed for bed sheets and large size tablecloths. All processes such as, cutting to exact length, three-folding of top and bottom sides, inserting labels, sewing by lock stitch head and stacking finished towels, can be realized fully automatically.

Effective Fabric Width: 1300-2300mm
Finished Length: 1300-3100mm
Hem Width: 10-14mm
Max.Productivity: 130pcs/h (with max.size)
--------------: 160pcs/h (with min.size)
Machine Size: W6.6 x L14.5 x H2.9 (m)

With Lockstitch & Bobbin Charger
Newly developed bobbin charger can  automatically change bobbin , unwind the remaining thread and rewind the replaced bobin. This model equiped with two rock stitch sewing heads does not require manual bobin change. So there will be no loss time for bobin changes. It results not only in enormous save of time and labor but also increase the quality of the products.

Manufacturer Contact Details:
TEL 586-77-8152 FAX 586-77-7926 home@barudan-sewing-machine.co.jp

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