Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Full Range of Zipper Machines

Tianyi Machinery is a manufactory that specializes in the developing, manufacturing of many kinds of zippers’ processing machines. They supply zipper machines to Garment, Knitwear, Hoisery, Textile, Embroidery, Denim Industry as well as wholesale and retail markets locally and internationally, maintaining high stands of quality. Below is complete range of Zipper processing technology ;

Gapping Machine series
TYM-201 Auto Gapping Stripping & Trimming Machine

TYM-210MAuto MetalZipper Gapping&Stripping Machine
TYM-210 Auto Plastic Zipper Gapping Machine
TYM-221I Auto Gapping & Stripping Machine
TYM-225 Auto Close-end Numerical Gapping Machine
Auto Gapping And Bottom Stripping&Trimming Machine

Tape Sealing Machine series
TYM-205D Auto Reinforcing Tape Sealing Machine
TYM-205M Auto-Reinforcing Tape Sealing Machine
TYM-205N Auto-Reinforcing Tape Sealing Machine

Punching Machine series
TYM-209D Auto Plastic Open-end Punching Machine
TYM-209M Auto Metal Open-end Punching Machine
TYM-209N Auto Nylon Open-end Punching Machine

Slide Mounting Machine Series
TYM-224D Auto Plastic Slider Mounting Machine
TYM-224I Auto Invisible Slider Mounting Machine
TYM-224M Auto Metal Slider Mounting Machine
TYM-224N Auto Nylon Slider Mounting Machine

Top-Stop Machine Series
TYM-31I Auto Invisible Top-stop Machine
TYM-34I Semi-Auto Invisible Top-stop Machine
TYM-213M Semi-auto Metal Top-stop Machine
TYM-213N Semi-auto Nylon Double Top-stop Machine
TYM-215M Auto Metal Double Top-stop Machine
TYM-215N Auto Nylon Double Top-stop Machine
TYM-231 Ultrasonic "U" Type Top-stop Machine

Cutting Machine series
TYM-211N Auto Vapor Pressure Type Cutting Machine
TYM-202M Semi-auto Metal Open-End Cutting Machine
TYM-202N Semi-auto Nylon Open-End Cutting Machine
TYM-202N Semi-auto Nylon Open-End Cutting Machine
TYM-211I Auto Invisible Cutting Machine
TYM-211M Auto Vapor Pressure Type Cutting Machine
Semi-auto Vapor Pressure Type Cutting Machine
Semi-auto Vapor Pressure Type Cutting Machine
TYM-220D Auto Plastic Aclinic Cutting Machine
TYM-220M Auto Plastic Aclinic Cutting Machine
TYM-220N Auto Nylon Aclinic Cutting Machine
TYM-229M Metal Semi-auto + Tape Cutting Machine
TYM-229N Nylon Semi-auto + Type Cutting Machine

Bottom-stop Machine Series
TYM-214N Semi-auto Nylon Bottom-Stop Machine
TYM-32I Auto Invisible Bottom-Stop Machine
TYM-214M Semi-auto Metal Bottom-Stop Machine
TYM-216M Auto Metal Bottom-Stop Machine
TYM-216N Auto Nylon Bottom-Stop Machine
TYM-223 Auto-Metal"H" Type Bottom Stop Machine


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