Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cap Manufacturing Machines

Doory is a Korean Brand, manufacturing full range of cap making machinery from moulding, sewing, stitching, ironing, button attaching, cutting machines etc.

HK 304 This machine covers top button of cap with fabric.  Press when button and fabric provided on pressing position, revolving plate turns 90 degree to be put new material.

HK 304A Upper button and lower pin automatically supplied.. Revolver collect supplied parts to press in right position.  Operator only put fabrics on revolver.  Completed buttons are collected on bowl automatically.  capacity:700 pcs/Hour

HK 305 This machine attaches the button which covered by fabric on crown-top of cap.  It presses button with proper pressure to keep original button's shape

HK 305A "This fully automatic button attaching machine feeds upper, lower button together and marks correct position with laser marker to accurate work.  Operator can attach cap button on correct on the cap automatically.  Capacity:15,000 PCS/Day

They also supply;
  • Automatic Cap Ironing Machine Need Boiler HK302S-2B
  • Automatic Cap Ironing Machine HK302S-2D
  • Automatic Cap Ironing Machine HK302S-2W
  • Full Automatic Cap Ironing Machine  HK 302S-5A
  • Automatic Front Panel Pressing Machine HK303S-2
  • Visor Curving Machine HK303P-2
  • Automatic Hat Ironing Machine HK306S-2B
  • Automatic Sun Visor Cap Ironing Machine HK307S-2
  • Automatic Cowboy Hat Pressing Machine HK308
  • Cooling Machine  HK601
  • Automatic Sweat Band Making Machine HK301
  • Automatic Sweat Band Making Machine HK301R
  • Automatic Cap Visor Stitching Machine HK501
  • Automatic Hat Visor Stitching Machine HK 502
  • Eyelet Sewing Machine HK505
  • Sweat Band Cutting Device HK401
  • Sweat Bank Hanger Front Cover HK402

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