Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pattern Designing

Any textile designer needs to have a good idea of how their design is going to look as a finished fabric.  One piece of paperwork could be worked through to become many different finished designs, woven, knitted or printed.  All designers need to understand how designs can repeat.  While many designs work as straight repeats, where the design element is repeated again and again, one on top of another, side by side, there are also half-drop repeats and tile repeats Mirroring where elements are reflected about either, or both, x and y axes, is another common way of repeating elements.

                Fabrics may have sections within one complete repeat that show other repeat patterns, while some fabrics such as border designs will employ repeated designs only within certain sections of the fabric.
                It may be useful to mask-off certain areas of paperwork (or sample blankets and sample fabrics in the case of woven and knitted fabrics respectively), or use a frame to establish the most suitable sections to develop.  It is important to consider the repeat structure from an early stage in the design development, and various sketch plans of possible repeat structures should be evolved.
                Very often, trying to interpret paperwork too literally can be a problem particularly to be extracted from the initial inspirational paperwork.  For print designers, this decision making process of what to include and what to discard is equally important.  The best designs are so often Everything that does not contribute, everything that is not necessary, should be left out.
Basic repeat structures

Straight repeat
A straight repeat is a simple repeat where the motif  is repeated directly above and below in straight lines.
Half drop
This time the design columns (vertical) slide halfway down, in a lengthways direction.  Quarter drops and other fraction drops can also be used.
Tile (or brick) repeat
Tile or brick repeat is another simple repeat where the motifs are repeated rather like a simple brick wall pattern.  The second row slides halfway across in a widthways direction.  The bottom row can also slide across other amounts.

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