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Wilcom Embroidery

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio's quality, precision and intuitive design has made it the professional embroiderer's choice the world over. The enhancements to this version are things that really make a difference to your business. No need to purchase different software for different processes, EmbroideryStudio e2 has it all! With CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X5 integrated into the product, take vector artwork combine stunning print, embroidery, appliqué, sequins and now rhinestone designs. Professional design software for embroidery, print, laser cutting, appliqué, sequins & bling.

Customer Stories:
First Badge
"We have used Wilcom software since 1991 when we bought our business. What we like best about Wilcom is that it is very user friendly. We also like the drawing tools, TrueView and complex fills."

First Badge, a well-established, diversified embroidery company, operates from Johannesburg, South Africa. The company secured the license to manufacture Iron- on Patches together with a Limited Edition Embroidered Collage for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

The iron –on patches, of every country have been individually packed specifically for the retail market. The patches are inexpensive which offer consumers a cost effective means of decorating apparel and headwear. This is a great way to brand and support your team.

The Collage captures the excitement of this once in a lifetime event in South Africa. With 340,000 stitches and 23 different colours this challenging embroidery will endure forever. This framed tapestry appeals to both private collectors and corporate companies alike. The works are individually numbered and recorded and therefore help make the collection special and unique.

The entire First Badge team take pride in having created fabulous products which are being manufactured and sold at home. "Proudly South African".

Marilyn & Deb
"We’re so glad that we made the transition from our old software to Wilcom EmbroideryStudio. From being scared to digitize anything, we are now attempting everything. It has made our transition so easy and it built our confidence up. Especially when we see the smile on the customer’s face and we think that we actually did it ourselves!"

"I feel a lot more confident now in digitizing with my EmbroideryStudio software. When I first started it was like, never mind we’re not going to digitize, we’re just going to find a good digitizer and let him do it. At first we did do that until we got EmbroideryStudio and our confidence levels really shot up."
Tina Downs | Nottingham Trent University
"I’m a lecturer on the Textile and Design course at Nottingham Trent University. We’re getting into really creative things. We have students who work in a really commercial way towards fashion application working with ideas for garment, placement designs but we also have students who want to see really how far they can push the technology where different yarns and different threads shrinking fabrics after they’re stitched on and weaving fabrics stitching into them, working with really long threads all kinds of different things. So that’s where the excitement is for us and what we can do really."

Polly Kenny | London College of Fashion
"The Wilcom software is really useful for increasing our capacity for doing work simulated learning within the college and we particularly need that foundation degree courses.

It’s been quite easy to start teaching Wilcom software, because you can use it from a basic point of view and then add extra skills when students become practised at a basic level so it’s important for them to learn how to digitize and then to actually add new ideas and innovations to that."

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