Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Textile Industries - New Gas Load Shedding Plan

As per the new notification issued by the Sui Northern Gas Company Limited, industries in Punjab and parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa can only function for eight days every month. According to the new gas load management plan, industries in the region, which were facing gas load shedding for up to four days a week, will now be battling with five days a week of complete closure.

The new schedule only allows these industries to operate twice a week, which will not only increase the cost of production, but will also cause unemployment to hit alarming levels. Daily wagers were without jobs for four days every week as per the old schedule, but now they will be jobless for an extra day a week.

Former chairman of the Faisalabad Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Sheikh Abdul Qayum spoke to DawnNews and said that this will destroy the value added sector along with the export oriented industries in that region. He added that the government has had a dip in gas production numbers due to weak oil and gas exploration, and the province of Punjab is being unfairly dealt with.

Qayum said that all stakeholders in that region will hold a meeting on Saturday to discuss these concerning matters, as according to him, there is no point of industries working eight days a month only.


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