Friday, March 4, 2011

Textile Folding Machines for Fitted & Flat Sheets

Cetus from Texpa is a folding machine used for folding and stacking of fitted and flat sheets
  • Highest accuracy and best possible fold distribution
  • Highest fold repetition accuracy with deviations of only +/- 0.5mm at a transport speed of 60m/min
  • Based on a highly modern Beckhoff control system on a personal computer, the control is freely programmable and can store tens of thousands of user programs. The user-friendly and selfexplanatory user interface offers online help and error messages in clear text for every component.
  • Machine supervision with more than one thousand alarm messages prevents incorrect adjustments.
  • The modular programming permits customer-specific extensions.
  • Statistical data such as alarms, production figures and system information are stored for one year and can be exported for individual analyses using standard office software.
  • The optional modem or network access offers fast and uncomplicated online support.
  • Cost effective production because of low consumption of energy and compressed air
  • End to end modularity of system allows for simple expansion by additional modules or options.

  • Universal and accurate folding machine for the folding and stacking of fitted sheets,flat sheets and woven non elastic flat patterns
  • Cetus processes different materials such as cotton, satin, blended fabric of polyester and cotton
  • The feed arm of the products are hidden as an inside fold

Maximum part Width   
Minimum part width     
Maximum Part length   
Minimum Part length    
Production Capacity    
Upto 600 parts

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