Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TEXMAC SOLO Direct Garment Printer

Texmac's SOLO garment printer is designed to be compact and convenient: at just over 3 feet long x 2 feet wide, SOLO lets you set up in a relatively small office space.  SOLO has demonstrated remarkable print quality, reliability and production power in the field - a testament to the experience and design behind TEXMAC garment printers.  SOLO's major features:

           Printer type: 1-head, piezo-electric drop-on-demand CMYK + White
           Max print area: 12.5"w x 19.5"h 
           Max Resolution: 1440 x 2880 dpi
           WICS white ink circulation system for clog-free operation
           Included VARIO RIP software
           3 Included printing platens: adult, child & sleeve sizes
           Adjustable-height platen allows variable types of garments
           Prints on cotton & blend fabrics
           Uses INKMAX bulk & refillable cartridge inks

TEXMAC are produced by the Mastermind of Japan, and represent a culmination of the company's years' experience designing & producing direct garment printers.  Their design raises the bar on performance and reliability for direct garment  printers.  TEXMAC printers produce images with amazing sharpness and brilliance that are highly color-fast to repeated washes, and soft to the "hand".

Cartridge System No mess, simple to replace, even printing on the fly. High quality INKMAX Inks = brilliant colors.

WICS White Ink Circulation System maximizes quality and minimizes down time & clogging issues found with other printers.

Advanced Feed system maximizes performance and allows precise ink flow control. Self monitoring, auto cleaning functions.

Startup Kit includes inks, software, maint. kit & other goodies to get you started and keep you going!

VARIO RIP Software makes setup & printing easy on dark & light garments. Powerful, yet simple to use.

For supplier / manufacturer details visit http://www.happyemb.com/  or call 8773355206


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