Saturday, March 26, 2011

Straight Stitch

A straight stitch is the most common stitch in sewing. It is a simple way to connect two pieces of fabric. Straight stitch is the basic stitch used for sewing garments, home dec and craft projects

On most machines the straight stitch length can be adjusted from zero (stitching in one place without moving the fabric) to up to 6mm long. When sewing seams, use a straight stitch 2mm to 2.5mm long, depending on the fabric. A shorter stitch length is used on lightweight fabrics that tend to pucker. A length of 6mm is used for gathering and for basting. Some machines offer an even longer straight stitch variation specifically for basting. A length of zero, where the needle actually stitches up and down in the same place, is used to anchor a seam at the beginning and end of the stitching line.

In the case of hand-sewing, a single thread is drawn in a straight line through the front side of the fabric and then back through, thereby bonding two pieces of fabric together.


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