Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sana Safinaz Collection 2011

The label of the designer duo Sana and Safinaz has long been synonymous with graceful, elegant,chic and eye appeasing styles. They have formed a forte for themselves in the fashion industry for their clothes ranging from intricately embellished bridals to refreshingly cool lawn prints for summer. Through the years, they have experimented and come up with something new in every collection. Always combining traditional with modern.

Sana and Safinaz design for the quintessential Asian woman. Their creations are different from Indian designers yet they bear a strong Eastern influence. Over the years, the girls added bridal wear, diffusion and prĂȘt to what was earlier, only haute couture. Today, in collaboration with a textile mill, they produce a retail line that allows the brand to reach into every home.

Bridal Collection
The Sana Safinaz bridal collection is designed for the elegant and sophisticated. It comes in an arry of styles and with unique cuts that dramatize any occassion while fusing the traditional and modern with refined embellishments.

Diffusion Collection 
The diffusion collection is an adventurous and vibrant affair, one that makes bold statement with its steek and audacious designs and encourages a glamorous exploration.

Export Collection
The export collection is a fun and spirited line which uses buoyant fabrics and radiant patterns. Its cuts are made to move with the body and allow for a carefree and vivacious wear.

Lawn Collection
The Sana Safinaz lawn collection 2010 mingles together the richness of pattern and design with the softness of the purest and lightest cotton. Bursting with colours that celebrate the warm season, this lawn collection maintains its cool at all times.

The Sana Safinaz Pret Line allows for a whole world of discovery and bridges the gap between eastern and western apparel. Its inspired concepts and flexibility lets the imagination stretch and provides allure as well as full wearability.

Contact Sana Safinaz
Head Office:
5/A, Jason VIP Apartments Block 7, Clifton, Karachi.
Pakistan. 75600
Tel: 92-21-35371768


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