Saturday, March 5, 2011

Patterns Designed by Scotweave CADCAM Software

CADCAM Software for All Woven Textiles Including 3D woven fabrics

Dobby Seersucker Fabrics
Recently there was extensive development in the area of fabric simulations, the results of which you can seen in the all-new dobby seersucker fabric simulation and also new velvet fabric simulations. The seersucker (cheese cloth or crepe) simulation allows you to visualise the loose and crushed effect of these fashionable fabrics using only a few simple menu selections and slider bars. The simulation works on the computer screen but the greater resolution of colour printers allows a much better simulation with more subtle shades and yarns distortions showing.

 Jacquard Weave Fabrics

It is possible for the ScotWeave software to be modified to meet a user's specific needs. This means that if you want ScotWeave to work in a different way or to carry out some specific additional functions then the software can be modified to do this.

Minor additions or changes to the software can usually be built-in to our normal development schedule and be provided free of charge to new users or users with a software maintenance contract. If you need a major change, software development, or need a change to be added very quickly then this can be done as specialist programming contract work.

One example might be the provision of a data link between ScotWeave and some specific production control software. ScotWeave already provide a basic means of downloading data for this purpose but if a user required extra data to be downloaded in a specific data format then this might be considered specialist programming work. Another example might be the provision of a device driver to interface ScotWeave with a specific piece of textile production machinery.

All specialist programming work is carried out by the same team of software engineers that work on ScotWeave software every day - and to the same high standards of work. This ensures that any extra work carried out will integrate seamlessly with the mainstream ScotWeave software.

Since every example of specialist programming will be different you can obtain quotes and timescales for any such work by contact ScotWeave directly.

ScotCad Textiles Ltd
Braeside Bowland Road Clovenfords, Galashiels
TD1 3ND Scotland, UK
Telephone +44 (0) 1896 850 473
Mobile : 0755 700 5308

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