Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oshima Band Knife Cutting Machine

MODEL: (OB-700A/900A/1200A)
Application: Accurately cut the pattern of fabrics.

Adjustable speed to fit the different fabrics.
With special blower decreases resistance between fabrics and table, which enables the fabrics be moved easily and be cut precisely.
Grinding stone Device to keep the knife sharp.
Use the silicone rubber on the wheels to avoid the knife wavy and extend duration of the knife.
Easy to replace the knife for users.
Cleaning Device to keep the knife clean anytime.
Safety indication Lamp (Once you turn on the power, the warning lamp will be lighted to inform users the power is on for the sake of the safety.).
Specification Model OB-700A OB-900A OB-1200A
Table Size 1200*1500mm 1500*1800mm 1500*2400mm
Cutting Capacity 180mm 180mm 200mm
Arm Length 700mm 900mm 1200mm
Speed Control Variable Speed Control Variable Speed Control Variable Speed Control
Knife Size 0.45*10*3500mm 0.45*10*3860mm 0.45*10*4560mm
Power Supply Single-Phase Single-Phase Single-Phase
Dimension (mm) 1950*1200*1620 2250*1500*1620 2850*1500*1730
Net Weight 265kgs 285kgs 340kgs
Manufacturer:   OSHIMAKK Co,.Ltd
No. 2.
Min Shen Street
, Tu-Cheng City Taipei,Taiwan 236
Tel:(886-2)2268-3311 Fax:(886-2)2269-5000
Email Address:Info@oshima.com.tw


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