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Macart Spinning Systems S300

The S300 spinning system a new approach to yarn manufacture…..
 The Macart Spinning Systems S300 machine combines the roving, spinning, twisting, yarn bulking and take up winding operations into a single process to produce two fold yarns in the count range 2/16Nm to 2.42Nm. Each 4 spindle S300 produces four 2 fold yarns for delivery onto 4 spindles of winding. Several machines can be placed side by side to give a production unit to suit the customers requirements. Upto 15 machines can be connected to an automatic winder of 60 spindles. Depending on resultant yarn counts the production of each 4 spindle S300 will be between 2.5kg and 7kg per hour.

Energy: The low energy consumption, compared to a traditional spinning process gives energy savings of upto 60% per kilo of yarn manufactured.

Labour: Using the S300 technology upto six separate manufacturing processes are saved compared to conventional ring spinning. The savings for direct and indirect operatives are upto 60%.

Floor space: Savings in direct floor space and material storage handling areas are considerable

Applications: The S300 will process synthetic staple fibres,natural fibres and their blends with fibre lengths suitable for worsted spinning.

Count Range: 2/16Nm to 2/42Nm.

Production speeds: Delivery speeds are from 200m/min to 300 m/min The delivery speed remains the same for all yarn counts.

Why Use 6 Machines When 1 will do?
The S300 reduces by upto six, the number of process operations in your factory used for the production of conventional 2 fold yarns.

Manual doffing or fully automatic winding the choice is yours...
S300 with manual doffing winder. Each spindle of the winder has an individual motor with inverter control. The sensors above the yarn belts control the winding speed and the reserve allows time for manual doffing to take place without the S300 spinning system stopping.

High quality wound packages for onward processing in knitting, or package dyeing.
Customers who process coloured fibre can choose delivery on either a manual doffing winder or a fully automatic winder with electronic clearers,air splicing and automatic doffing. Processors of undyed fibre can produce dye packages for their own or customers package dyeing operations.  The choice is yours!

Customers using undyed fibre would normally use the manual doffing winder linked to the S300 system. An automatic winder would then be used after package dyeing to include yarn clearing. Customers using coloured fibre would normally use an automatic winder linked to the S300 system enabling finished yarn to be made within the single process operation.

Installation of the S300 working with a fully automatic winder. 15 x S300 can be connected to one 60 spindle automatic winder for maximum labour efficiency.

The yarn spinning and twisting technology of the S300 has been proven with the installation and commercial use of over 4000 earlier machines supplied to customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. This proven technology has now been developed
further from the experience gained operating the earlier machinery and applied in a way which allows users of the S300 to take advantage of the large savings in labour and energy. The addition of the pre -draft, allowing the use of slivers upto 12 g/m feeding from can and the addition of online yarn bulking with direct feeding to manual or fully automatic winding gives the modern spinner an advantage that is necessary in today's competitive market.

The S300 is fitted with a new drafting system. The pre-draft section uses heavy duty pendulum arms with mechanical weighting, Fibre control is by balloon rollers with one row as standard and two rows as an option for processing blends with wool. The draft ratio is by fixed change gears. The main spinning section uses double apron drafting with pneumatic weighting. The draft ratio is adjustable between 10 and 50 in steps of 0.1 by key pad entry and the use of a servo motor. The ratch in both the pre-draft and main spinning area is adjustable to suit the length of fibres being processed.

Proven technology for the direct production of two fold yarns...

For the first time there is no need to take packages to the yarn bulking (steaming) machinery with obvious savings in labour. An intermediate traction roller controls perfectly the tension between the spinning / twisting section and the yarn coiling heads feeding the yarn bulking chamber. An air threading system is fitted to easily pass the yarn through the coiling heads. The yarn coils are delivered onto conveyor belts which transport the yarn through the yarn bulking chamber. Low pressure, dry saturated steam enters the chamber to achieve full and uniform yarn bulking. A temperature sensor is fitted in the steam chamber to monitor process conditions.

The conveyor belts also act as a delivery system to the winding machine. Yarn sensors placed above the conveyor belts prevent the yarn being delivered prematurely to the winder and maintain a cooling zone at the exit of the bulking chamber. A second set of yarn sensors are used to control the speed of the winder. The conveyor also acts as a yarn reserve, which is sufficient to ensure the spinning process continues to operate during doffing of the winder. This yarn reserve is also used during yarn clearing and splicing when using an automatic winder.

Continuous Yarn bulking on the spinning machine!

Technical data.
Electrical specifications
Main drive motor with inverter drive for
speed control.
Servo motor for draft change.
PLC machine control with option for external
data collection.
Draft and speed control by keypad entry.
Digital display of machine status.
Multiple stop/start stations.
Emergency stop fitted.

S300 - Installed power 230/240V single phase at 3.5Kw.
S300 - Utilised power consumption 1.5 Kw per machine.
Winder ML/HBI - Installed power 380/415 Volts
50Hz 3 phase 0.075Kw per spindle.

Air: Compressed air: 113 litres per min at 5 bar. clean dry air.
Steam:  1 Kg per hour low pressure dry saturated steam at 1.1 bar.
Machine layout and space:  The drawing shows typical floor plan. Full layout drawings available on request.

Manufacturer / Supplier contact details:
Macart Textiles (Machinery) Ltd.
Macart House Farnham Road BRADFORD West Yorkshire
BD7 3JG United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1274 525901


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