Friday, March 4, 2011

Longitudinal Sewing Unit by INARMEG Brazil

The new longitudinal sewing machine (with SEWING SPEED 1500) is developed especially for productive Intelligence; Speed; Versatility; Security and Precision, everything this in an equipment compact, robust and adapted your production.

The Sewing Speed 1500 all carries through the process of longitudinal sewing with the maximum security and precision, alignment, cut of edges, formation of case, sews and fold in têxteis materials.

Some advantages and differentials of equipment is as under:
1) Compact equipment, valuing and optimizing its space manufacture.
2) Automatic adjustment of points for centimeter, integrated directly with the operation speed.
3) Simple, fast commands e necessary.
4) Panel of command with Touch system screen.
5) Low allied maintenance to the high productivity.
6) Resistance allied mechanics to the security in the operations.
7) Machine with national technology, what it guarantees and agile attendance soon to it.

Contact Manufacturer
Brazil Textile Machinery Manufacturers
Inarmeg Indústria de Artefatos de Metais Gütz Ltda
R. Machado de Assis, nº 333 - Distrito Industrial - CP 151
89.120-000 - Timbó - Santa Catarina - Brasil
Horário de atendimento das 07h30min às 12h00min e das 13h12min às 17h:30min - de segunda e sexta feira Fone: 55 (47) 3312-2600 - Fax: 55 (47) 3382-0623


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