Monday, March 14, 2011

High Waisted Jeans Back in Fashion

Its really surprising to see that how often, 70s and 80’s fashion coming back after regular intervals.First with boot-cut and now high-waisted jeans has once again entered the glamrous world. For high waisted jean, The fit of the jean should be snug, with no gap in the waist, crotch or butt area. Height and weight of the person also depends, whether highwaisted jeans will suit you or not. Wearing women’s high waisted jeans can be a little difficult to pull off. You need just the right fit or else they don’t come off as fashionable or stylish, they look like “Mom Jeans” – a definite fashion

The other end of the HWD is the wide legged style. This is comfort defined. For starters, any bit of muffin top that you may encounter with your other jeans is nonexistent in this style, and is my answer for the boyfriend jean that I refuse to buy. Paired with some espadrilles, flip-flops, or loafers (mine seem to always end up being worn with my Tod’s cream-colored loafers, but I’m not sure why… probably just the balance of comfort all over) and either a snugly fit tank top or loose t-shirt, this is your “Sure honey, I’ll make the guacamole, let’s just chill out and watch football today!” outfit, as well as your stylish, beach-boho friendly look that works coast-to-coast.


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