Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gul Ahmed 2011 Collection

KARACHI: GulAhmed lawn’s first edition is out at its Ideas store with a soft launch on February 25. The collection this time has 50 designs, some of which are available in multiple colour schemes, making a variety of over 100 this time.

The first day, first show received an overwhelming response, according to Amir Butt, shop manager at GulAhmed Ideas shop on Tariq Road in Karachi.
GulAhmed, a textile brand that catered to the middle-class till sometime back, has now jumped forward in catering to those who can afford good quality lawn at a high price. However, the new price range may seem reasonable when compared to the other lawn brands. A three-piece suit starts from Rs1,825 and a five-piece suit begins from Rs4,800.

It seems that the retailer has hiked up it’s price range considering the prices of the other designer brands. The brand’s assertion, that it was always a middle class household brand, and the close association it held with the middle class seem a little invalid this time.

Rationalising the high prices, Butt told The Express Tribune: “You see, cotton and yarn are both expensive now. We still cater to the middle class. There has only been an increase in the demand from the middle class. This first edition launch has received an outclass response.”

Unlike other lawn brands, GulAhmed has divided its collection in to two editions. “Since summer is a long season all over Pakistan, like last year, this year too the company plans to bring out two editions of lawn. The first has been launched and the second edition will come in April, this year,” said Butt.
Holding the rise in petrol price responsible for lower attendance of customers in the next few days of the launch, Butt said:“The petrol price hike has left its mark on the buyers’ side, but we will hopefully overcome this.”

Among the women busy at the cash counter or engrossed going through the catalogue of GulAhmed Summer Magazine 2011, was Parveen Rafique. “They are always offering good prints, I have been shopping at GulAhmed for the past five years,” she said.

Every year Rahat Abdullah buys 24 suits, only of GulAhmed. “I only wear their designs, what can I do? I bought 24 prints last year,” said Abdullah, who is satisfied with her decision not to visit many shops.
For Zoya Munawar: “The prints have been good. I like them. They are reasonably priced too.”
But for Sana Talha, things are not so rosy, when it comes to the affordability and pricing of the fabric. “There’s no doubt about the fact that they are offering good prints and fine quality fabric, for this very suit I am wearing today, is two years old, and it’s by GulAhmed. But now that they have increased the prices, keeping in mind what others have done too. The question then comes about the affordability and catering to the middle class, which does not seem to be manifested this time. They should lower the prices so that it is within the reach of the middle class to pay for the product, for GulAhmed is definitely a household name and every house wants to buy its product.”


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