Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gerber Single Ply Cutting Systems

Increasing throughput, reducing costs and maintaining quality are some of the biggest challenges in production. GERBERcutters deliver precisely cut parts consistently and enable you to respond faster to your customers' demands.

A complete line of static or conveyorized single-ply cutters are suitable for any OEM or aftermarket cutting operation.

DCS 1500 
The DCS 1500 single-ply cutter is ideal for producing prototypes or for short production runs. At less than 5 m2 (54 ft2) it is the ideal cutter for tight spaces.

DCS 2500
The DCS 2500 is a high-speed, single-ply cutting system that accurately cuts a wide variety of materials at speeds up to 1.1 mps (45 ips).

DCS 3600
The DCS 3600 & 3600L are continuous cutting, conveyorized systems that deliver the highest single-ply throughput available. The 3600L is the long cut window version of the 3600.

GERBERvision Suite of Products
GERBERvision Suite of Products fully automates material processing for the technical textile markets, providing you with greater automation, productivity, and flexibility. Gerber combines advanced vision technology – powerful software and line scanning vision system – with the DCS3600 conveyorized cutter

Taurus Leather Cutter
The Taurus scans leather hides, recognizes flaws, nests for material optimization and cuts accurately at high speed. It is available in single- or dual-station configurations.
HiCut C1500 Laser Systems 
The HiCut C1500 is an advanced laser cutting system that provides a complete solution for the airbag industry. With the HiCut C1500, airbag manufacturers will witness a dramatic improvement in accuracy, throughput and cut quality while receiving an attractive return on investment.
Manufacturer: Gerber Technology
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