Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Automated fabric cutting CAM CNC

Assyst/Bullmer - The name is legendary. The reputation is supreme. Throughout the proud history of the company, Assyst/Bullmer has been dedicated to the crafting of superior quality automated cutting and spreading machines. They are designed to reflect the manufacturing needs and unique cutting and spreading requirements of our customers. It is a fact that there is no better recognized and appreciated blend of advanced technology and timeless craftsmanship than an Assyst/Bullmer material cutting system.

All Assyst-Bullmer automated fabric cutting equipment delivers exceptional throughput and cut quality regardless of fabric type or ply-height, with minimal maintenance costs. The Unocut single-ply static cutter is ideal for sample cutting and universal single-ply cutting. The Premiumcut is for single-ply conveyorized cutting in the upholstery and technical textile industries. The Turbocut low-ply conveyorized cutter is one of the fastest and most versatile fabric cutters in its class! You can feed multiple production lines for single-ply flow matching and low-ply plain fabric through the same cutter! The Procut high-ply conveyorized cutter tackles the high volume cutting needs at high speed while maintaining quality.

Install an Assyst-Bullmer automated fabric cutter today and see your cost per piece go down!
Manufacturer: Assyst/bullmer, Inc.
3221 Durham Drive, Suite 101 Raleigh, NC 27603 USA
Tel (919) 467-2211 Fax (919) 467-2297
Toll Free in the US +1 (800) 926-2759
E-mail: info@assyst-us.com


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