Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weaving Machine by Picanol Belgium

Picanol Belgium is a leading supplier of high technology airtjet weaving machine. Picanol has developed, manufactured and supplied high-tech weaving machines. Maintaining high standards, Picanol has been able to introduce advanced technology weaving machines which are a synthesis of technological know-how and experience built up over more than half a century. Today, about 2,500 weaving mills around the world use Picanol machinery, totalling some 110,000 weaving machines.

OMNIplus 800
Sutiable for Optimised insertion preparation for up to eight colours or yarn types
Fast. You can adjust width as well.  Very flexible, designed for computer adied manufacturing, dobby as well as jacquard motions.

OMNIplus 800 TC
The OMNIplus 800 TC is based on the OMNIplus 800 airjet weaving machine, which was launched by Picanol in 2005 and is already generally recognized as one of the most advanced airjet weaving machines for the production of a wide variety of high-quality fabrics. The OMNIplus 800 TC combines all the strong points of the OMNIplus 800 with a set of extra features making it the ultimate system for tire cord weaving.

TERRYplus 800
Independent cloth fell mechanism for fast & accurate loop formation. Optimized insertion preparation for up to eight colors or yarn types. Newly designed relay nozzles and valves for highest performance. Warp beam and cloth roll can be changed quickly without tools
Fast, simple width changes. Sumo main motor with direct drive. Ultimate flexibility, with the same standard design for dobby and jacquard motions

OMNIjet Airjet
Accurate, user-friendly setting of all main machine functions using the LCD display and push buttons. Reed width of 150, 190 or 230 cm (59”, 74.8” or 90.5”).High-performance filling insertion for weaving more with less air. Low-built, ergonomic construction. Fast warp gaiting and cloth doffing, no tools required. Rotary selvedge units. Easing motion

OptiMax Rapier
Optimized shed geometry in combination with guided gripper or free flight insertion system, for unequalled industrial speeds and maximum yarn friendliness.  Insertion with up to 12 colors.  Accurate, user-friendly machine setting using the keyboard or interactive display at insertion side.  Reed width of 190, 210, 220, 230, 250, 300, 320, 340, 360, 380, 400, 430 and 460 cm

GT-Max Rapier
Optimized insertion cycle for high industrial speeds. Insertion with up to 8 colors. Reed width of 190 or 220 cm. Accurate, user-friendly machine setting using the keyboard display. Sumo main motor with direct machine drive is standard. Electronic setting of shed crossing. ELSY selvedge motions

GTXplus  Rapier
The GTXplus rapier weaving machine has been specifically designed to achieve the best price/performance ratio. It helps weaving mills win in the market by offering high-quality fabrics at the lowest possible weaving cost

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