Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Textile Industry USA

List of US Textile Companies relating to Apparel Fabric, Dyers, Printers and Finishers of Fabric, Industrial and Medical Fabrics Sheets and Bedding , Upholstery Fabric , Yarn and Fiber Sources, Cotton Yarn , Man-made Fiber Yarn , Wool Yarn , Suppliers to the Textile Industry, Consultants ,Machinery or Parts

Absecon Mills, Inc.
American Drawtech
Absolutely Terry Co.
American Fiber and Finishing
AGX Corporation
American Fibers and Yarns Company
Alamac American Knits
American Silk Mills Corporation
Alandale Knitting / Coville
Ames Textiles
Alandale Knitting / Coville
Alice Manufacturing
Apex Mills
Amerbelle Textiles
Asheboro Elastic
American & Efird, Inc.
Ashfar Enterprises
American Bag Corp.
Ashley Trading
Atlantic Thread
Bradford Dyeing Association Inc
Bacon Felt
Brawer Brothers, Inc.
Bates of Maine
Brintons Usaxminster
Bayeux Fabrics
Britannia Mills
BBA Fiberweb
Brooks Woolen Company, Inc.
Beaulieu of America
Brookwood Laminating Inc.
Beverly Knits
Bryant Yarns
BGF Industries, Inc.
Buckley & Mann Inc.
Biddeford Textile Corp.
Buhler Quality Yarns
Bill Mill
Burke Mills, Inc.
Bloomsburg Mills
Burlington Industries
Blumenthal Print Words
Burlington Worldwide
BP Fabrics and Fibers
Chloe Eichelberger Textiles, Inc.
C & C Yarns
Claremont Flock Corporation
C & L Textiles Corp.
Claridge Knits, Inc.
Cameo Curtains
Canatex Industries
Classic Elite Yarns
Carlisle Finishing
Cleveland Mills Co.
Carolina American Knits
CMI Industries, Inc.
Carolina Apparel Group
Coats North America
Cavalier Specialty Yarn Company
Concordia Manufacturing LLC
Cellusuede Products Inc.
Cone Denim
Central Textiles
Contempora Fabrics
Champagne Dye Works
Craftex Mills, Inc. of Pennsylvania
Charles W. House & Sons
Cranston Print Works Co.
Cheraw Yarn Mills Merged
Crescent Woolen Mills
Crystal Springs Print Works, Inc.
Crimptex of R.I., Inc.
Culp Inc.
Crown Worsted Mills, Inc.
David Rothschild Company, Inc.
Draper Knitting Co.
De Marco California Fabrics, Inc.
Duro Textiles LLC
Del-Mar Yarns, Inc.
Dyersburg Fabrics, Inc.
Dicey Mills, Inc.
Domestic Fabrics
Dillon Yarn Corp./Titan Textiles Inc.
Donaldson Company, Inc.
Eastern Felt Company
Engineered Nonwovens
Easthampton Dye Works
Engineered Yarns Company
Elastic Corporation of America
Essex Fabrics
Elastic Fabrics of America
Ethan Allen
Fab Industries
Flock Tex, Inc.
Fablok Mills, Inc.
Flynt Fabric
Faribault Mills
Four Leaf Textiles, LLC
Fashionspun Sales & Dvlpmt., Inc.
Freudenberg Nonwovens
Fayette Cotton Mill
Frontier Spinning
Fernbrook & Co.
Frontier Spinning Mill
Fiber & Yarn Products, Inc.
Fruit of the Loom
Fifield Inc.
Flint River Textiles
Fillattice Inc.
Gates Formed Fibre Products,Inc.
Gehring Textiles Inc.
Globe Manufacturing Co.
Georgia Narrow Fabrics
Greenwood Mills
Glen Raven, Inc.
Greif Co.
Glenoit Fabrics
Guilford Mills Inc.
Globe Dye Works Co.
Guilford of Maine
H. Greenblatt & Co.
Harriet & Henderson Yarns, Inc.
Hampton Print Works
Hexel Schwebel
Hamrick Industries
Highland Industries, Inc.
Hanes Dye and Finishing Co.
Hornwood and Lee Fashion Textile Partners LLC
Hanora Spinning, Inc.
Hub Fabric Leather
Harodite Industries, Inc.
Hyman Brickle & Son, Inc.
Hyman Brickle & Son, Inc.
Hyosung (America) Inc.
Inman Mills
International Woolen Company, Inc.
Interface Interior Fabrics
Intex Corp.
Jabok Mueller
Jacquard Fabrics Incorporated
JB Martin Company
Jagger Brothers
Joan Fabric
JB Martin Company
Jonathan Reid, Inc.
Kent Manufacturing Co.
Kenyon Industies
Lee Dyeing Co.
Kraemer Textiles
Leigh Fibers
LINQ Industrial Fabrics
Levcor International
Lion Ribbon
Macedonia Fashions Knitting
Merida Meridian Inc.
Malden Mills Industries Renamed Polartec
Meritas Yarns
Marcrest Knitting
Miami Thread
Marglen Industries
Microfibres, Inc.
Master Knits
Milliken and Company
McComb Mill
Mount Vernon Mills
McMichael Mills
Mt. Jefferson Woolens
Menra Mills
Menzies Flock Shop
Narrow Fabric Industries Corporation
New Rainbow Mills
Narrow Fabrics of America
Nortex Yarns (Div. of Quaker Fabrics Corp.)
Novelty Textile Mills
National Spinning Co.
Nylstar North America
National Textiles
Ocean State Finishing
O'Mara Incorporated
Pittsfield Woolen Yarn
Parkdale Mills
Polartec Formerly Malden Mills Industries
Precision Fabrics
Pendleton Woolen Mills
Providence Yarn Co.
Pharr Yarns
Picture Knits, Inc.
Riverpoint Lace
Quaker Fabric Corporation
Roman Knit, Inc.
Radici Spandex
Roselon Industries, Inc.
Ramseur Interlock
RST&B Quilting & Bedding Co. Inc.
Raxon Fabrics
Rennie Curtain Co.
Regal Manufacturing Co.
Rhode Island Textile Company
S. & D. Spinning Mill, Inc.
Spectro Coating Corp.
Safer Textile Processing.
Spinrite Yarns & Dyers Ltd.
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corp.
Springfield, LLC
Santee Print Works
Springs Global
Schneider Mills Industries
Stantex, Inc.
Sextet Fabrics, Inc.
Star Specialty Knitting
Shaw Industries
Shuford Mills LLC
Sullivan Carson
Somerset Industries
Summit Knitting Mills, Inc.
South Carolina Elastic Co.
Sunbury Textile Mills
Southern Mills, Inc. / TenCate
Sure Fit
Southern Mills, Inc. / TenCate
Swift Galey
Southern Webbing Mills
Symphony Fabrics
Tennford Weaving
Titan Textiles Inc.
TerroTech Knitting Mills
Tricots Liesse
Tex-Tech Industries
Tuscarora Yarns Inc
Tex-Tenn Corp.
Tweave, Inc.
The Forstmann Company
The Moore Company
U.S. Cotton
United Yarn Products Co., Inc.
Veratex, Inc.
Valdese Weavers
Victor Group
Velcorex Inc.
Wellstone Mills
W.L. Gore
Westbrook Spinning Company
Wagner Knitting, Inc.
WestPoint Home Inc.
Warren Corporation
Whitin Yarns
Warwick Mills
Woodhall Weaving Mills, Inc.
Wearbest Sil-Tex Mills, LTD
Woolrich, Inc.
Weave Corporation
Worldtex, Inc.


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