Monday, February 7, 2011

Textile Designer Job Description

The Activities of a Textile Designer or the overall purpose of a textile designer is to design and produce to an agreed timetable, an agreed number of commercially viable textile designs.  Research in to what designers do has identified as several different activities. The Activities listed below relate to an in-house fabric designer engaged on branded, contract and general work.

  • Designing what to design.
  • Producing original design ideas.
  • Developing design ideas through to a form suitable for initial sampling.
  • Supervising the production of original fabric samples and keeping suitable records.
  • Submitting samples to customers, to company or to company selection system.
  • Adapting and modifying design from sketches or fabric submitted by customers (or obtained from within the firm or group) to meet a price or other restriction.
  • Obtaining the acceptance of a certain proportion of the original sample fabrics by the customer.
  • Controlling the production of sample ranges in consultation with the customer’s technicians, technologists and buyers.
  • Establishing production specifications.
  • Ensuring the production of sample ranges by certain agreed rates.
  • Reporting to the company on contracts with customers, competitors, exhibitions, developments by fibre and yarn producers, etc in order to augment market intelligence.
  • Controlling the system and procedures for the storage and retrieval of designs and samples within the company.
  • Working within an agreed department budget.
  • Controlling the supply of materials and equipment for textile design and sampling.

All textiles designers will certainly be involved in some of these and should have an understanding of all of them.


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