Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pier Imports

Pier 1 Imports Inc. is Texas, based retailer specializing in imported home textile, furnishings and decor,like furniture, table-top items, decorative accessories and seasonal decor.
The chain operates over 1,000 stores under the name Pier 1 Imports in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Pier 1 Imports has also chain of home-decor retailers for Cushions, Seating, Outdoor Rugs, Area Rugs, Small Rugs, Outdoor Window Panels, Patterns, Bedding & Throws

Below is their full range of Pillows variety
Aari Embroidered Flowers Pillow 
Green Daises Outdoor Pillow 
Angelique Pillow - 12" x 24" 
Green Felt Flower Pillow 
Angelique Pillow - 17" x 17" 
Green Grass Velvet Pillow 
Aubergine Floral Oversized Pillow 
Green Ombre Paisley Pillow 
Beaded Birds Pillow 
Green Suzani Oversized Pillow 
Beaded Butterfly Pillow 
Indoor/Outdoor Charis Fringe Pillow 
Beaded Crochet Flower Pillow 
Ivory Pom Pom Pillow 
Beaded Floral Pillow 
Jewel Rectangle Pillow 
Beaded Flowers Pillow 
Jeweled Band Pillow 
Beaded Pillows 
Jeweled Medallion Pillow 
Berry Flange Suzani Pillow 
Large Pom Pom Pillow 
Black & White Faux Fur Pillow 
Lavender Rose Pillow 
Black Faux Fur Pillow with Flowers 
Legato Pillow - Honey 
Black Velvet Pillow with Feathers 
Legato Pillow, Pesto 
Blue & Green Paisley Pillow 
Metallic Taffeta Circles Pillow 
Blue Pillow with Chenille Overlay 
Mini Chevron Pillow 
Blue Plush Pillow 
Oblong Patch Stripe Pillow 
Blush Ruffle Pillow 
Oblong Stripe Pillow 
Blush Velvet Paisley Pillow 
Oblong Teal Print Pillow 
Bright Floral Chainstitch Pillow 
Oblong Terracotta Pillow 
Brightman Oversized Pillow 
Outdoor Calliope Spice Pillow 
Brown Aviva Pillow 
Outdoor Ivory Calliope Pillow 
Brown Ombre Pillow 
Outdoor Maui Calliope Pillow 
Carafe Embroidered Wave Pillow 
Outdoor Terracotta Pillow 
Champagne Curves Oblong Pillow 
Oversized Carafe & Gold Pillow 
Charis Blue Pillow 
Oversized Fuzzy Pillow 
Chive Plush Pillow 
Oversized Gold Oblong Pillow 
Chocolate Plush Pillow 
Oversized Green Chenille Pillow 
Chocolate Velvet Pillow 
Oversized Red Damask Pillow 
Circle Buttons Pillow 
Oversized Red Woven Pillow 
Citron Plush Pillow 
Patched Embroidered Pillow 
Clay Plush Pillow 
Peacock Jeweled Pillow 
Cocoa Fuzzy Pillow 
Pink Beaded Flowers Pillow 
Copper Ginkgo Pillow 
Plum Ribbon Lumbar Pillow 
Copper Paisley & Blue Pillow 
Plush Pillows 
Cream Damask Chenille Pillow 
Pom Pom Sweater Pillow 
Crochet & Felt Floral Pillow 
Print Appliqued Pillow 
Darcy Lumbar Pillow 
Print Bolster Pillow 
Diamond Flower Applique Pillow 
Printed Velvet Applique Pillow 
Embriodered Peacock Pillow 
Red & Copper Print Pillow 
Embroidered Aubergine Pillow 
Red Circle Burst Pillow 
Embroidered Bird Pillow - Sand 
Red Cross Pillow 
Embroidered Birds Fall Pillow 
Red Plush Pillow 
Embroidered Circles Pillow 
Red Roses Pillow 
Embroidered Circles Pillow 
Red Round Ruffle Pillow 
Embroidered Floral & Leopard Pillow 
Red Scatter Daisy Lumbar Pillow 
Embroidered Floral Vines Pillow 
Red Scatter Daisy Pillow with Flange 
Embroidered Flower Patch Pillow 
Red Velvet Pillow 
Embroidered Flower Pillow 
Reversible Peacock Pillow 
Embroidered Multi-Damask Pillow 
Round Copper Pillow 
Embroidered Paisley Pillow - Blue 
Ruffle Pillow 
Embroidered Patch Pillow 
Ruffle Pillow - Smoke 
Embroidered Sand Paisley Pillow 
Ruffles Pillow - Carafe Brown 
Embroidered Sequin Appliqued Pillow 
Ruffles Pillow - Purple 
Feather & Gems Pillow 
Ruffles Pillow - Sand 
Felicity Damask Box Pillow 
Rust Geometric Circles Pillow 
Felt Origami Pillow 
Rust Ruffles Pillow 
Felt Roses Pillow 
Scatter Daisy Outdoor Lumbar Pillow 
Festive Sequin Pillow 
Sequined Floral Pillow 
Floral Bouquet Pillow 
Shaded Spruce Pillow 
Floral Button Pillow 
Sheer Red Flower Pillow 
Floral Leaves Pillow 
Silk Pillows 
Frilly Ruffled Pillow 
Sunset Chevron Pillow 
Fuzzy Pillow - Chocolate Brown 
Sunset Estrella Pillow 
Fuzzy Pillow - Sand 
Sunset Jewels Pillow 
Fuzzy Red Pillow 
Suzan Embroidered Pillow 
Fuzzy Round Pillow 
Taffeta Dot Pillow 
Garnet Ruffles Pillow 
Teal Chevron Pillow 
Geometric Circle Pillow 
Teal Envelope Pillow 
Gold Floral Pillow 
Teal Mongolian Wool Pillow 
Gold Ruffles Pillow 
Velvet Linen Pillows 
Gold Wave Velvet Pillow 
Velvet Pillow - Butter 
Gray & Gold Medallions Pillow 
Velvet Ric Rac Pillow 
Green Chenille Damask Pillow 
Vintage Embroidered Bird Pillow 

Below is pier one Cushion Range
Red Rose Papasan Pad 
Plush Teal Papasan Cushion 
Plush Papasan Pad - Blue 
Fuzzy Sand Papasan 
Plush Papasan Pad - Red 
Red Fuzzy Papasan Cushion 
Plush Papasan Pad - Moss 
Foam Elora Ottoman Cushion 
Pink Print Papasan Footstool Pad 
Standard Kalle Settee Cushion 
Deluxe Gold Floral Settee Cushion 
Deluxe Foam Elora Settee Cushion 
Deluxe Mod Geometrics Chair Cushion 
Standard Kalle Chair Cushion 
Deluxe Gold Floral Chair Cushion 
Ivory Calliope Chair Cushion 
Deluxe Calliope Maui Settee Cushion 
Casabelle Chair Cushion 
Deluxe Calliope Maui Chair Cushion 
Casabelle Ottoman Cushion 
Brightman Foot Stool Cushion 
Deluxe Casabelle Settee Cushion 
Fuzzy Foot Stool Cushion - Red 
Brown Plush Deluxe Chair Cushion 
Fuzzy Foot Stool Cushion - Chocolate 
Terracotta Settee Cushion 
Fuzzy Black Papasan Pad 
Deluxe Mirra Settee Cushion 
Kaeden Foam Dining Cushion 
Deluxe Mirra Chair Cushion 
Outdoor Blue Chair Cushion 
Pink Floral Papasan Pad 
Outdoor Blue Settee Cushion 
Outdoor Calliope Maui Settee Cushion 
Outdoor Citron Square Bistro Cushion 
Outdoor Calliope Maui Chair Cushion 
Whimsical Garden Square Bistro Cushion 
Deluxe Calliope Ivory Chair Cushion 
Whimsical Garden Settee Cushion 
Outdoor Calliope Spice Ottoman Cushion 
Whimsical Garden Chair Cushion 
Deluxe Calliope Spice Chair Cushion 
Indoor Calliope Honey Settee Cushion 
Deluxe Charis In/Outdoor Cushion 
Outdoor Calliope Honey Chair Cushion 
Ottoman Charis In/Outdoor Cushion 
Indoor Calliope Latte Chair Cushion 
Deluxe Charis In/Outdoor Settee Cushion 
Citron Papasan Cushion 
Floral Print Papasan Chair Cushion with Pillow 
Pink Houndstooth Dining Cushion 
Fuzzy Chocolate Papasan Cushion 
Green Diamond Dining Cushion 
Brightman Papasan Chair Cushion 
Red Diamond Dining Cushion 
Sari Square Pouf 
Blue Diamond Dining Cushion 
Ocelot Papasan Chair Cushion 
Lyndee Bird Deluxe Chair Cushion 
Legato Standard Cushions - Mosstone 
Angelique Ottoman Cushion 
Legato Standard Cushions - Garnet 
Paisley Rust Dining Cushion 
Elora Standard Cushions 
Deluxe Angelique Settee Cushion 
Legato Deluxe Cushions - Carafe Brown 
Deluxe Angelique Chair Cushion 
Legato Deluxe Cushions - Garnet 
Fuzzy Double Papasan Pad 
Swivel Rocker Cushion - Carafe Brown 
Fuzzy Swivel Rocker Cushion 
Swivel Rocker Cushion - Garnet 
Standard Spice Calliope Settee Cushion 
Double Papasan Cushion - Garnet 
Outdoor Ivory Square Bistro Cushion 
Elora Deluxe Cushions 
Ivory Calliope Settee Cushion 
Double Papasan Cushion 
Calliope Ivory Ottoman Cushion 


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