Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Murata Vortex Spinning Machinery

VORTEX861 makes you the winner in the global market.
Producing functional and fashionable yarn with excellent value. Since its debut, the VORTEX spinning has had a high reputation for technological excellence. Excellence such as production of functional and fashionable quality yarn with outstanding cost performance made possible by high speed spinning and integrated processing.

"VORTEX 861" with the world's fastest spinning speed of 450m/min. The VORTEX 861 leads the age not just with its ecological energy saving design, but also by contributing profits with even better quality conical packages and friendly management system.

  • The world's first practical air vortex spinning technology by Muratec
  • The world's top spinning speed: 450 m/min
  • Roving, spinning and rewinding all combined in one machine
  • Lower power consumption
  • Great improvements in floor space productivity
  • Incredibly user-friendly quality and production management system


Nissiwebmaster said...

Y'all have a sample of something made with my hand dyed yarn, Mr. Q's Jayne hat. I would send the gloves, but they now belong to my sister.

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