Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Madeira Embroidery Threads

Madeira is world’s famous brand in embroidery industry, supplying high quality embroidery threads. Embroidery manufacturers around the world use Madeira Embroidery Threads on machines like;
  • Tajima Embroidery machine
  • ZSK Embroidery Machine
  • Maya Embroidery Machine
  • Pfaff Embroidery Machine
  • Barudan Embroidery Machine
  • Singer Embroidery machine
  • Brother Embroidery Machines
  • Janome Embroidery Machine
  • Toyota Embroidery Macine
  • SWF Embroidery Machine
  • Bernina Embroidery Machine
  • Melco Embroidery Machine
  • Viking Embroidery Machine

Apart from above mentioned brands, it is widely used in Single Head Embroidery machine, Multihead Embroidery Machine, Schiffli Machine, Computerized Embroidery Machine, Cap Embroidery Machine etc

Some of their main qualities are as under;

Rayon Classic
Madeira Classic Rayon is a 'high sheen' thread and the most popular machine embroidery thread worldwide. Madeira Classic is available in four different weights.

Polyester Polyneon
Madeira's polyester embroidery thread is known as Madeira Polyneon and is available on 1000m cops and 5000m cones from stock.
Madeira Threads produce the largest selection of metallics for the machine and we stock them all!

Lana 12
Available on 200m reels, offering a matt contrast to the usual shiny machine embroidery threads. Lana is a lovely textured yarn looking and feeling like a very fine wool.

Cotona & Tanne Cotton
Madeira Cotton Embroidery Thread is soft and strong with a subtle sheen. Cotona on 200m spools Tanne on larger cops.

Thread Boxes & Thread Chests
Madeira box sets are perfect for anyone requiring a full colour palette or for the designer matching embroidery thread to fabrics.


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