Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fabric Cutting Machines from China

ANYSEW specialized in manufacturing garment equipment, spare parts and
accessories and operating in this business since 1993.  It provides garment manufacturing industry with  rational  solution. Anysew Integrates and established model standard of series of garment equipment, making a dictionary for garment equipment industry of china, which supplies buyers, dealers and customers with a convenient and practical manual. Criteria in the manual have been adopted and promoted by the garment machinery industry. Sew below full list of Anysew Cutting Machines. 

AS-911A Automatic cloth tape cutting machine
CZD-3(BLUE) Auto-sharpening cutting machine
CZD-3A Auto-sharpening cutting machine
CZD-8D Computerized servo cutting machine
CZD-103 Auto-sharpening cutting machine
CZD-108 Auto-sharpening cutting machine CZD-108 Basic model CZD-108A With protection cover
CZD-708D-1 Computerized servo cutting machine
CZD-3(BLACK) Auto-sharpening cutting machine CZD-3D With power test system, CZD-3E 2 kind voltage convertible.(220V/110V), CZD-3F With lamp and power test system
AS-801A Cloth tape cutting machine, Primarily used for cutting cotton cloth, sweat cloth, elasticity cloth, polycot blend fabric etc., make it become every kind of a form cloth and provide the clothing , underwear etc
CZ-202H Hot cloth drill
CZD-100A Auto-sharpening cutting machine
CZD-188B "Auto-sharpening cutting machine CZD-188B Abrasive belt knife grinding Cutting height:110/160/210/260mm, CZD-188A Abrasive belt knife grinding Cutting height:110/160/210/260mm
CZD-200H Electric heated cutting machine (16",22",28")
CZD-600H Electric heated  cutting machine
AS-900A "Band knife cutting machine, AS-550A/B Table size:1000*1200mm cutting height:90mm , 
AS-700A/B Table size:1200*1600mm cutting height:180mm
AS-900A/B Table size:1500*1800mm cutting height:180mm, AS-1200A/B Table size:1500*2400mm cutting height:250mm
CZD-708D-2 Computerized  servo cutting machine


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