Saturday, February 19, 2011

Embroidery Designs - ZSK

THE ART OF EMBROIDERY GREATER CREATIVE FREEDOM  “The special-effect embroidery machines are only limited by your own creativity.“ Dr.-Ing. Karl-Hubert Zons, Managing Director ZSK With the special-effect embroidery machines made by ZSK you have all you need to realize fantastic embroidery applications. They are typically based on two different special embroidery heads that – individually or in combination – will lead to completely novel effects. Additionally, all machines of the special product line can be provided with a sequin unit increasing the  combination options even further. The special-effect embroidery machines only know one limit – your own creativity.

  • Typical taping embroidery
  • Zigzag embroidery for fixing a fancy cord
  • Chain embroidery on a cap
  • Combined regular, chenille and
  • Chain embroidery
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