Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Computerized Knitting Technology Shima Seiki

SHIMA SEIKI is Computerized Knitting Japanese Technology mainly supplying Computerized flat knitting machines, Seamless glove and sock knitting machines, Computer graphic systems, Apparel CAD/CAM systems and other peripheral equipments.
Below is their models list;

Computerized Flat Knitting Machines         
MACH2SIG DSCS Digital Stitch Control System; Full-Time Spring-Loaded Sinker System; Stitch Presser; Yarn ripper and Cutter; Takedown System
NSIG Max 1.4m/sec. Knitting speed varies according to gauge and knitting condition. Variably adjustable speed levels. 10 additional programmable speeds
SIG123 Max 1.3m/sec. 120 levels, electronically controlled.
NSSG122 Max 1.4m/sec Knitting Speed, 120 levels, electronically controlled, Simultaneous transfer, front or back, independent of carriage direction. Split stitch possible without exchanging yarn carriers.
SSG Series Longbed    Longbed knitting machine, 202SV/202SC,
SSG234SV/234SC/234FC, SSG236SV/236SC
NSES122CS Max 1.1m/sec. Knitting speed, "CS" moniker of the NSES122CS stands for "Compound-Sinker
LAPIS Computerized Wrap Weft Hybrid Flat Knitting Machine
SFF Series Semi Jacquard type of Flat Knitting Machine
WHOLEGARMENT Knitting Machines    
MACH2X 18L gauge capability whereby a special large-hook version of the SlideNeedle is used for knitting 15-gauge fabrics at 18-gauge needle pitch for very high productivity when knitting ultrafine gauge garments.
MACH2S maximum knitting speed of 1.6 meters per second. It furthermore adopts the new R2CARRIAGE system, permitting quicker carriage returns for greater efficiency and shorter knitting times
SWG041N/061N/091N   SWG041N opens up a whole new genre of knit production, with its compact size specially designed for producing a range of WHOLEGARMENT accessory items. Gloves, socks, five-toe socks, hats, mufflers, leg warmers, neck-ties and other fashion accessories could all be produced in their entirety, with no sewing or linking required
SWG-FIRST  SWG-FIRST series computerized flatbed knitting machines offer tremendous capability previously unimagined in the world of knitting. Everything from full-fashioning, rib shaping to 3-dimensional shaping, as well as WHOLEGARMENT production can be performed
SWG-X  The addition of 8G and 15G versions further enhances the SWG173-X's capability, ranging from high-quality middle-gauge knitting to highly refined ultrafine gauge applications.
NewSWG-V  Now, with our NewSWG-V machine, we have carried over the proven productivity of the SWG-V and enhanced its capabilities with new technology such as a smaller and lighter, more efficient carriage, the optional yarn carrier kickback device and i-DSCS digital stitch control, increased memory for knitting larger, more complex items and improved ergonomics with the new LCD monitor-controller.
NewSES-SWG  capable of knitting complete garments using latch needles, offering a simple solution to the complex demands involved in producing WHOLEGARMENT knitwear
NewSES-CWG  capable of high-quality coarse gauge WHOLEGARMENT production which fits the body perfectly in three dimensions
Glove/Sock Knitting Machines        
NewSFG  In addition to its already impressive lineup of 10, 13 and 15 gauges, the
NewSFG has now evolved to include an 18 gauge machine. The NewSFG's proven sinker system and yarn insertion device carry on the tradition of producing seamless gloves which conform better to the shape of hands with smoother rounded fingertips
SFG  Computerized Gloves Knitting Machine
SPG Automatic glove knitting machine to produce seamless pile-knitted gloves,  Available in both 7 and 10 gauges
SPF-W Automatic Seamless Sock Flat Knitting Machine


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